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PasswordSeeker Software is a Windows password removal software firm committed to providing high quality software solutions and renowned customer service. Our products' powerfulness and low prices will benefit all computer users in the home, SoHo and Business markets.


Affiliate Partner Program

We offer you the possibility to sell our products and earn 40% of the sales price for each product!
We provide a cost-effective solution for you to receive commissions in a fast and safe way.

STEP 1. Create a RegNow affiliate account
First if you do not have a RegNow affiliate account then create one by clicking here and following their instructions. If you register using the above link, you automatically establish a relationship to PasswordSeeker, so you can skip the next step and proceed to step 3.

STEP 2. Once you have sign-up with RegNow system, you need to place a link to our product.

  • -  Login to your RegNow affilite control panel.
  • -  Select Product Finder then Name Search.
  • -  Search for "Windows Password Seeker Basic" or "Windows Password Seeker Pro". On that page you'll find more details about becoming
       a PassSeeker (Pro) affiliate.
  • -  Select and save a banner or a text description from our website. Or you can follow instruction from RegNow website
       and generate automatically a complete link with the banner of your choice.
  • -  Create a link to our home page by using the following format link:
       Replace "XXXX" with your affiliate ID# (RegNow affiliate number).
  • -  Create a "Buy now" link, and use one of the following format links:
       Replace "XXXX" with your affiliate ID# (RegNow affiliate number).
       Or, you can just follow the simple instructions included on RegNow's website.

STEP 3. Direct Internet traffic to our website using the marketing material and start earning money!


Feel free to join our affiliate program and become an affiliate today (operated by RegNow, a Digital River Service).
Software Vendor: PasswordSeeker
RegNow Vendor ID: 27167

Edition Price Commission Affiliate Fee RegNow Software ID
        Windows Password Seeker Basic 19.95 40% 7.98 27167-1
        Windows Password Seeker Professional 29.95 40% 11.6 27167-1

Software Name:  Windows Password Seeker Basic
PAD File: http://www.passwordseeker.com/pad/wpspad.xml
Order Page: https://usd.swreg.org/cgi-bin/s.cgi?s=122064&p=122064-1&q=1&v=0&d=0

Software Name:  Windows Password Seeker Professional
PAD File: http://www.passwordseeker.com/pad/wpsppad.xml
Order Page: https://usd.swreg.org/cgi-bin/s.cgi?s=122064&p=122064-2&q=1&v=0&d=0

Customer Support
Need assistance before or after purchasing? Contact our Customer Support service!

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THANKS SO MUCH!!! You guys are a lifesaver!!! I called dell and they wanted completely restore my operating system and I would've lost so much business information. I owe so much to you!! It worked perfectly and easily! Thanks so much!!!!!
Ryan Phillips,

Please feel free to add me to your testimonials page. I am a software and hardware engineer with 20+ years of experience. I am very impressed with your product, your support, and your great attitude. Windows Password Seeker is a wonderful and invaluable product. I need more software products (like yours) with great people who support them (like you). Thank you!
Byron Mcmillan,

OMG! Thank you thank you thank you thank you! I was able to reset the Administrator password and access the system. I will recommend your products and services to anyone in need of such applications.
Bruce Dillon,

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